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United we stand

When The Dallas Morning News directly connected our school with alumnus and "alt-right" architect Richard Spencer '97, we knew we had to respond. Incorporating many different perspectives from around the community and covering his graduation class's large fundraising campaign in an act of repudiation, we shaped this in-depth cover package for our community.

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Trial by fire

After the events in Charlottesville, Virginia Aug. 11-12, I immediately knew we would need to localize the situation and its impact to our community. To do this, we hosted a round-table discussion among various school leaders in attempt to narrow the implications of Charlottesville to our campus.

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I'm right

When then presidential candidate Donald Trump made a statement about wanting to “punch” a rally protester in the face, we decided to localize this by analyzing how we debate at the school — and how we handle conversations with people we disagree with. To capture this angle, I organized an informal debate between two upperclassman with radically different views to see how the dialogue progressed.

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Plans for the future

After a world-renowned architect was hired to design the new Winn Family Science Building, I was given the opportunity to speak with the architects, reveal their design plans to the community and cover the school history relevant to understanding our future.

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