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Fading away

When I heard a friend of mine articulate the impact his grandmother's Alzheimer's disease has had on his life, I quickly noticed the significance of the family dynamic in this growing disease. We were sure to capture the depth of this issue with a variety of interviews and experiences for this in-depth, long-form cover package.

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The revolution has begun

The fourth industrial revolution — characterized by the creation of technology that blurs the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres — is currently underway. At the time of this story's release, many of our community members had never heard of this, while some students and alumni were the innovators driving this revolution.

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From Henderson to Greenville

Currently in charge of Andres Properties, Marc Andres ’78 and Roger Andres ’77 were responsible for the recent emergence of Henderson Ave. in East Dallas as a cultural hub for the city. This story was included as a story in the February 2016 Focus Magazine on Dallas's future and showed how the brothers continue to actualize their years-old vision for the properties they own.

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Calling the shots

When then sophomore Tucker Ribman received the Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award from the Dallas Safari Club, I used the news element to expand the story beyond a simple narrative describing his hunting accomplishments over the years. Although this was one aspect of the story, we also chose to cover the often controversial and blurry lines between conservation and hunting efforts.

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