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Multimedia Broadcast

Multimedia Broadcast

Today, journalists have more platforms than ever to connect with an audience. Whether its through social media posts, videos or podcasting, multimedia has the power to give journalists more freedom in storytelling and audiences more options in how they can engage with a story. And over my years as a scholastic journalist, whenever I find print journalism too limiting, I immediately turn to alternate forms.

Although traditionally The ReMarker and Focus Magazine are print publications, in recent years, I've helped spark an expansion in our messaging. Now, when I have too many photos to put on a newspaper page, I'll post them on our Instagram and Facebook page. When I go to an interview, I now take a video camera with me. And when I think of an interesting conversation topic, I now bring guests onto Focal Point podcast. We've turned to multimedia because it's a powerful tool that helps me tell a story at its core.

To view my multimedia teaser video shown above on youtube, click here.

Focus Magazine Productions

While working on the November 2016 issue of Focus Magazine on the Dallas police shootings, I quickly realized just how much content we had. It seemed as though we had simply too much to fit into our allotted 28 pages. To solve this problem, I started Focus Magazine Productions my junior year with the then managing editor on staff. Using different applications such as Final Cut Pro and InDesign, we were able to distribute different types of media to our community. Below you'll find the videos, extra interviews and supplementary content I've produced over the last two years through Focus Magazine Productions.

Jose Vela never thought it could happen in Dallas. But then he saw it. On the night of July 7, 2016, he was there — watching the shootings happen.

At a Dallas Black Lives Matter protest three months after July's shootings, two citizens debate police brutality events in Tulsa and discuss how Dallas should respond.

I sat down with last year's Student Council President Christian McClain '17 for his profile in the "To Make a Man" issue of Focus Magazine.

From Charlottesville to Dallas: "It's their property." Scenes and conversations around the removal of Dallas's Robert E. Lee statue Sept. 6, 2017.

As a senior, many knew him as Zach Cole. But today, things are different. For our February issue of Focus Magazine on gender identity, we sat down with Riley Cole '17 to talk about pronouns, the family dynamic and more.

Officer Misty McBride was shot on the night of the police shootings. But thankfully, her daughter knew she would coming home.

I sat down with Headmaster David Dini for multiple interviews over the course of weeks to capture his path to manhood story. One of these meetings took place at his home.

English instructor Martin Stegeomoeller discusses his path to manhood journey.

I interviewed former African American Studies professor Clarence Glover and Dallas Citizens for Unity and Reconciliation Chair Jane Manning. The two were vehemently debating the removal of Dallas's Robert E. Lee statue Sept. 6, 2017.

Focal point

Focal Point podcast is The ReMarker's newest venture into broadcast journalism. Whether it's journalism, culture, life or just speaking whatever is on our minds, Focal Point touches base with it all. And in recent weeks, we've garnered a following peaking in the hundreds — landing us a spot in the top three local podcasts on the website PodOmatic.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a love of podcasts. Whether it's The  Weeds, the Daily, Pod Save America, This American Life or Revisionist History, I spend countless hours of my time as a consumer of quality podcasts. Because of this, I was inspired to create a podcast of my own for our school community and potentially beyond. The initial starting place was using skills I learned through Focus Magazine Productions — skills such as crafting meaningful audio free of distractions. By using a simple set up of microphones, monitors and adapters all based through a digital audio workstation called Ableton Live, I was able to edit audio effectively with supplementary musical interludes.

Every episode we release, I've been excited by the overwhelming community response. But above all, it's the ability to engage more with listeners, explore unique conversations and reveal us as both journalists and human beings that has given us a new freedom to tap into the cycle of listening and responding that sits at journalism's core.

For Episode 1 of Focal Point, Rish Basu and Kobe Roseman take you behind the scenes of the November issue of Focus Magazine.

In Episode 2 of Focal Point, Rish Basu and Kobe Roseman ask each other deep, personal, and pointless questions from the internet.

Episode 3 of Focal Point looks at the culture behind the infamous Dalton Glenn Facebook post that brought hundreds of comments in response.

Episode 4 of Focal Point. What do Kobe and Rish have in common?

With the February issue of the magazine coming out tomorrow (2/3/17), Rish Basu and Kobe Roseman talk about one of its biggest stories on Goals for St. Mark's IV.

Welcoming 2018 with an all-new episode of Focal Point, Kobe Roseman and Davis Bailey take on the internet's most searched events and trends from 2017.

Looking for new shows to binge watch? Davis Bailey and Kobe Roseman break down their top three must-watch shows. Spoiler: Black Mirror is one of them.

In this episode of Focal Point, Kobe Roseman and Davis Bailey use the New York Times "36 Questions That Lead to Love" article to put their relationship to the test.

In journalism, column writing is a beast of its own. In this episode of Focal Point, Kobe Roseman and Davis Bailey take you behind our favorite columns and discuss why column writing is so important.

From Taylor Swift to Jay-Z, Tyler the Creator and Cardi B, we talk about the musical moments and albums that have caught our attention over the past year. Needless to say, Davis Bailey, Kobe Roseman and first-time-guest Zach Gilstrap all have diverse tastes.

This week on Focal Point: the apocalypse, gardening, HQ trivia and more. Davis Bailey and Kobe Roseman are just eating Cheerios... and talking about whatever comes to mind.

Here are a few videos taken during the recording of various Focal Point episodes. Prior to taping each week, careful thought is put into the production and set up to avoid errors and allow for distraction-free conversations when we hit the record button.