Journalist of the Year Portfolio

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Here are some of my photo illustrations, infographics and graphics for both The ReMarker and Focus Magaizne. Scroll over the image to see a brief description of the piece at the bottom of the image. Click on the image to enlarge.

dominant Visuals

For a story on the fourth industrial revolution, this photo illustration illustrates the hands-on nature of my generation's future.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I traced a real person sitting at a desk for this graphic used on our ADHD cover story. Colorful confetti and other symbols of creativity were used to capture the imagination-thinking often associated with ADHD.

This graphic used a verbal-visual connection for a story on flipped classrooms — the teaching method that reverses the traditional learning environment by learning outside of the classroom and working on homework in the classroom.

Our school's discipline council — a group of faculty and students that administer punishments for severe rule violations — has always been a bit of a mystery on campus. In this story, we debunked the rumors surrounding the council. I played with the typography here to create an image that simulates real motion.

Senior Leighton Okada's growing typography nonprofit was creating waves in the community at the time of this story's release. However, although many people knew about the nonprofit, many had never seen his work. With this, I knew we needed to include his own art in this visual. 


Building off of a story on the significance of age at the school, I compiled data on age differences among different grade levels in a compact way.

In this infographic on the 2016 presidential election, I used small graphics and a variety of typography to present the relevant data.

To avoid over-cluttering the area inside of the grid, I designed this editorial quick-read that now remains as one of our regular menu items.

Using a combination of duotone and black-and-white photos, each person in this editorial quick-read is compartmentalized in a consistent way.


In the heart of the 2016 election campaigns, I drew this cartoon to capture the exolisiveness of the election choice.

This cartoon used a satirical angle and played off of a school joke about a long-time math instructor. 

For our April issue last year, this cartoon was designed to capture the severity of the "spring fever" or "senioritis" epidemic on campus.

In a grim look at the state of climate change, we ran this cartoon during the December Christmas craze.